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Speechless: Silencing the Christians DVD set - Yellow House Book Rental

Speechless: Silencing the Christians DVD set

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Included 14 episods on 6 DVD's, special bonus edition - opened but never used

Being politaically correct has replaced being Biblically Correct. 

Meet the Christian bashers, a coalition of liberal secularists, homosexual activists, and Fortune 500 companies waging war on Christianity. Why? Because they can get what they want only by driving Christians out of public life. 
<br?sex, money="" and="" power="" br="">The Christian bashers say they want tolerance."" Their real goal: Silence any opposition, even if it means:
* Christians threatened with prison for protesting the homosexual agenda
* Employees of Fortune 500 companies fired for quoting the scriptures 
* Christian churches ordered by the government to perform lesbian marriages
*Antibullying programs promoting homosexuality in schools
* The IRS cracking down on Christian pastors who oppose abortion or same-sex marriage.
Rev. Donald Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, explains what the anti-Christian coalition wants and why they must get Christians out of the way.

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