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Sonlight Core D & E - Yellow House Book Rental

Sonlight Core D & E

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In Sonlight Core D & E History, Geography, Language Arts, Read-Alouds and Readers are all linked together. You and your child will read about them in a history book and then again in a reader. You will see these great men and women of history through many different "eyes". This is an excellent way to make astonishing connections between the people, places and events in American History.

Core D is great for 9, 10 and 11-year-olds and advanced 8-year-olds

Sonlight Core D & E includes the Instructors Guide and  46 books


The Story of the USA book 1 and 2
Pedro's Journal
Incans, Aztecs, Mayans
The landmark history of the American people
Ben and Me (In place of what's the big idea Ben Franklin)
Can't you make them behave, King George?
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?
American adventures
The Winter at Valley Forge
If you were there when they signed the constitution
The Story of Eli Whitney
Lewis and Clark
Imprisoned in the Golden City
The Erie Canal


A Lion to Guard Us
Pocahontas and the Strangers
Squanto, Friend of Pilgrims
The Thanksgiving Story
The Courage of Sarah Noble
The Matchlock Gun
Skippack school
Meet George Washington
Phoebe the Spy
The Cabin Faced West
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
Om-Kas-Toe of the Blackfeet
Meet Thomas Jefferson
Sarah Whitcher's Story
Rubert Fulton, Boy Craftsman
Sarah Plain and Tall


Secret of the Andes
Poem Stew
The Hopeful Trout
Walk the World's Rim
The Sign of the Beaver
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Johnny Tremain
Toliver's Secret
Carry on, Mr. Bowditch
Justin Morgan Had a Horse
Calico Bush
The Journeyman
Swift Rivers

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