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Sonlight Core 300- 20th Century World History

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Complete Sonlight Core 300- 20th Century World History Copyright 2015


  • Age Range: 15-18

  • Grade Range:10-12

Includes: History and Literature Instructor guides (both still in wrappers), student guides, 7 Bible sources, 11 history & geography sources, 29 readers/literature sources, language arts and literature guide.

There are dates written in the student guide on most of the pages but the instructions are completely legible

Today's world was shaped – in national boundaries, in economic policy, in technological advances – by the 20th Century.

In earlier programs, we don't study this century in depth. These years brought incredible suffering. There are the familiar tragedies: trench warfare in WWI, the Holocaust, the atomic bomb. And there are the less-familiar tragedies: genocides in Europe, Asia, and Africa; mass starvation in China and the USSR; drug wars, child labor, and human trafficking.  

In the midst of darkness, it's good to remember that God is still at work. Yes, the Nazi concentration camps were horrible. But God was at work even there, caring for his children in miraculous ways.

The History of the Modern World is an affordable book, filled with photos. The book itself is a marvel, even apart from the history included, which takes you year-by-year from 1900 through the 2000s. Timelines, concise articles, and photos chronicle the individuals and events that made history.

In 1900, it took days to travel from Europe to America. In 2000, it took hours. In 1900, even the radio had barely been invented and broadcasts were still several years away. By 2000, the radio had come and gone as primary entertainment, replaced by the television at first, and then an increasing array of electronics: cable, video games, computers, and the internet. In 1900, the airplane had not yet been invented. By 2000, men had gone to the moon, and satellites in orbit 

It was an astonishing century.

Books are in excellent or like-new condition ($648 to purchase core new)


Know What You Believe
Know Why You Believe
How to Ruin Your Life By 30
Mere Christianity

The Visual History of the Modern World
Our Century in Pictures for Young People (missing)

Biographies and Historical fiction
God Spoke Tibetan
The Road from Home
Labor's Untold Story
All Quiet on the Western Front
You Want WOMEN to Vote Lizzie Stanton?
Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
China's Long March 6,000 Miles of Donger
The Hiding Place
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Winston Churchill Soldier, Statesman, Artist
After the War
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Red Scarf Girl
Fallen Angels
To Destroy You is No Loss
Living on the Devil's Doorstep
Made You Look
There's a Sheep in My Bathtub

The Old Man and the Sea
The Contender
The Moves Make the Man
The Tempest
The Wednesday Wars
The Great Gilly Hopkins
Children of the River
Hope Was Here
Walk Two Moons
Alas, Babylon
The Great Brain
Robert Frost's Poems
Murder on the Orient Express
The Great Gatsby
The Metamorphosis
Brave New World
My Father's Daughter
The Snow Goose
Parallel Journeys
The Wave
Cry, the Beloved Country
Heart to Heart 

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