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Sonlight Core 100 - Yellow House Book Rental

Sonlight Core 100

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Sonlight Core 100 (This in not a complete core). The following is the list of books included in the set.

Teachers Guide

> My Side of the Mountain
> Streams to the River, River to the Sea
> Earthquake at Dawn
> Indian Captive
> Rip Van Winkle
> The Slopes of War
> Bonanza Girl
> Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold
> The Call of the Wild
> Sounder,
> Rifles for Watie
> Samuel F.B.Morse
> The Landing of the Pilgrims
> Guns for General Washington
> Nothing to Fear
> We'll Race You, Henry Ford
> Moonshiner' Son
> Out of the Dust
> Blue Willow
> Dear Mr. Henshaw
> Wait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula Bee
> The Green Book
> A Gathering of Days
> Stouthearted Seven
> Patty Reid's Doll

> Also includes Panama Fever to replace The Panama Canal

The following are books that you may purchase (part of the core curriclum) These books are only in fair condition. That is why we are selling them. The following books may be purchase for an extra $21

> Amos Fortune, Free Man, poor (binding)
> Christy
> Farewell to Manzanar, fair
> Peace Child, fair
> Dragon's Gate, poor (binding)
> After the Dancing Days, good
> The Red Badge of Courage, fair

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