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Sequential Spelling Book 5 set

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Sequential Spelling Book 5 set includes the book as well as the student response book.

It teaches your children to spell using a number of different learning styles! With Level 5 Teacher’s Manual by AVKO’s Sequential Spelling, you will be providing your children with the best foundation to start spelling. Each student learns differently; AVKO stands for Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, Oral, the multiple methods to help you best connect with your students!

There are 180 days of word families your students will use as they learn to spell! Tests are spread throughout for your children to learn with. 

Some of the word families in Level 5 Teacher’s Manual are:

  • -ence
  • -ance
  • -ound
  • -anity
  • -inge
  • -ority
  • -ation

*Cover looks worn but the inside of the book is in excellent condition. No writing.

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