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Protostar Audiobook

Protostar Audiobook

  • $ 25.00

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Grammar Galaxy Protostar: Adventures in Language Arts is now available in audio!

The six-hour audiobook is professionally narrated by Tom McLean, making it the perfect option for:

  • *auditory learners
  • *beginning or struggling readers
  • *family, travel, or bedtime listening


The audiobook can be used to engage pre-readers and build receptive vocabulary. It can aid reading fluency as the student reads the text and listens simultaneously. The audiobook can free up teacher time and can also serve as an excellent review of material previously read. The audiobook enhances the humorous material in a way students appreciate.

However, the audiobook is an add-on and not a substitute for the digital or print text for three important reasons:

  • *Vocabulary words are not defined
  • *Reference material needed to complete missions is not available in text format–vital for topics like spelling
  • *No discussion questions are given

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