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Preparing Your Teen for Life- 4 week master class

Preparing Your Teen for Life- 4 week master class

  • $ 99.00

Begins in Sept after Labor Day, 2020. Start date depends on attendee's needs. You will receive an email with specifics within 24 hours of your purchase.

Preparing Your Teen for Life 4 week master class includes.
  • 4 weeks of online live sessions
  • One hour each week
  • Learn the specifics about preparing transcripts grading, credits, dual enrollment, course requirements and more
  • Learn what their passions are and develop classes that will prepare them for life and give them high school credit
  • Encouragement and accountability
Homeschooling a teen can seem a little intimidating, maybe even frightening. Figuring out what is best for your teen, choosing the right courses that will get them into college, preparing a transcript, helping them pursue their passions, strengthen their weakness, and empowering the strengths, make it fun,....

There are so many components that need to fit together during your child's teen years to make high school, graduation, and their launch to life outside of your homes a success. But I know you can do it.

I hope you join us!

You+Your Teen=Success

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