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Homeschooling Teens Successfully eBook

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Homeschooling high school can seem like a daunting task. As a parent and homeschool teacher, you feel that your teen's future is riding on how well you've prepared him for college and life after high school. Homeschooling Teens Successfully Digital Pack will give you tools to help you feel confident as you journey through high school with your teen.

Homeschooling Teens Successfully eBook (31 pages) includes the following:

A Four-Year Guide to Preparing Your Teen for College Quick Reference Guide is a step by step guide that will help your high school student and you, the parent to prepare for college. Filled with links and resources, it is a tremendous resource for any parent wanting to guide their child through the high school years and on to college. All the important things for you and your high schooler need to remember and do in these last four years of school.

 will help you understand what it is, how it works, and if it can help your child.

My High School Checklist and Course RequirementsHigh school course requirements for graduation and a printable for you to make your own year by year schedule. 

Homeschool Grading Tips- Homeschool Grading Tips will explain why grading is important in the high school years as well as suggestions on how to grade the following subjects.

  • science
  • history
  • government
  • literature
  • writing
  • math

Learn how to get percentage scores, calculate final grades, and overall suggestions when it comes to grading your teen's work.

Transcript Solutions- Grades are crucial when making a high school transcript. How do I grade my child's work? Is there a right and a wrong way? How do I make a transcript? Is a homeschool transcript official? Transcripts solutions bundle will help answers these questions

When you purchase any of these downloads, you will be contacted when I update or revise them and will be able to download the updates for free.

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