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History, Music and Art: A Great Combination for Learning

History, Music and Art: A Great Combination for Learning

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 History, Music, and Art- a great combination for learning (digital product) The best way for anyone to learn is by using as many senses as possible! We have matched up some perfect combinations of art, music, and history so you, your children, and teens can learn in ways that will make it stick and have fun while you are learning! This was made with you in mind... resources that are sure to be a hit with your children!

We have taken all the history curriculum that we have to offer here at Yellow House Book Rental, Mystery of History, Notgrass, and Sonlight listed the dates in history that these courses cover and have matched each one of them with Music in Our Homeschool Courses and Chalk Pastel Video Courses that cover the same period of time making it a great reference for you to match any history curriculum with art and music of the same time period.

We have divided our history curriculum int seven historical periods from creation through current history. The music and art courses are matched with the historical periods to help you add depth and learning by combining the arts with history. 

We have also noted which curriculum choices will give your teen a high school credit in history, art, music, and Bible.

When you purchase this download you will be informed of all updates, including the science combos that we will be adding soon! 

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