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Exploring Creation With Zoology 3 Bundle: Land Creatures of the Sixth Day - Yellow House Book Rental

Exploring Creation With Zoology 3 Bundle: Land Creatures of the Sixth Day

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This bundle includes The Student textbook and the notebooking journal. 

RENTAL option- you may RENT the text and purchase the notebooking journal

PURCHASE option- purchase both the text and the notebooking journal

Exploring Creation With Zoology 3: Land Creatures of the Sixth Day discusses various topics. What separates people from apes? How can a Great Dane be related to a Chihuahua? Is there evidence that people and dinosaurs lived at the same time? What should you do if you encounter a bear? How can you tell if a snake is poisonous? Find out answers to these questions and many more. This third book in the zoology series takes students on a safari through jungles, deserts, forests, farms, and even their own backyard to explore, examine and enjoy the enchanting creatures God designed to inhabit the terrain. Families will discover the amazing animals from primates to parasites, kangaroos to caimans, and turtles to terrifying T-Rexs— this safari doesn’t end there! Students will also keep a record of where each animal is found on a map and learn to identify animal tracks. As with all the Apologia elementary books, students will continue the practice of narration, keeping a notebook of what they have learned, and enjoy many hands on projects and experiments throughout the course.

With this Journal, students will take ownership of their learning as they fill their notebooks with notes and reminders of what they've learned through careful study. Included Activities: A daily schedule for completing the readings, notebook assignments, activities and experiments utilizing a flexible two-day per week plan. Fascinating Facts Templates for your student to record what they learned in each lesson with both words and illustrations. Templates for completing the notebooking activities. Map It! Track It! Lessons designed to encourage students to find and record different animal tracks. Tracks are to be completed on a large wall map with the provided illustrated tracks in cut-out format and track templates. Vocabulary crossword puzzles. Scripture Copywork, with both print and cursive practice. More to Explore ideas for each lesson. Full-color, lapbook-style miniature books. Field Trip Sheets to keep and record field trips they enjoyed during their studies.




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