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Exploring Creation With General Science Advantage Set

Exploring Creation With General Science Advantage Set

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The Exploring Creation with General Science Advantage Set includes the textbook, test and solutions manual, and student notebook.

Rental option- Rent textbook and text and solutions manual. The sudent notebook is consumable and is a purchase for you to keep.

This is the 2nd edition of the homeschool science course Exploring Creation with General Science. Give your students every advantage when it comes to succeeding at science with the newly established Apologia Advantage SetTM.

The second edition of our general science course has several features that enhance the value of the course:

  • Scientific advances in the relevant topics have altered how some of the material is covered. For example, the primary function of the human appendix wasn't determined until 2006. Thus, while the primary function of the appendix is not discussed in the first edition, it is discussed in this edition.
  • There is more color in this edition as compared to the previous edition, and many of the drawings that are in the first edition have been replaced by higher-quality drawings.
  • Advanced students who have the time and ability for additional learning are directed to online resources that give them access to advanced subject matter.
  • To aid the student in reviewing the course as a whole, there is an appendix that contains a Summary of the Module which covers the entire course. The solutions and tests manual has the answers to those questions.

The Student Notebook for this homeschool science course, helps middle school students work toward becoming independent learners with the companion student notebook. The student notebook includes:

  • A detailed, yet flexible, day-to-day schedule that your students can follow to stay
  • on track with their assigned course
  • Module organization and note taking space to help guide your student in their
  • independence
  • Complete lab forms for your students to fill in and document laboratory work
  • Additional materials that go beyond the science in the textbook and into the science of the real world
  • Rubrics for grading lab reports

 The softbound solutions and tests manual, which contains answers to Study Guide questions, module summaries, tests, and test solutions. One test packet is included with this manual.

Because of the differences between the first and second editions, students in a group setting cannot use both. They must all have the same edition.

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