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Exploring Creation With Astronomy Jr 2nd Edition Bundle - Yellow House Book Rental

Exploring Creation With Astronomy Jr 2nd Edition Bundle

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This bundle includes The Student textbook and the jr notebooking journal. 

RENTAL option- you may RENT the text and purchase the jr notebooking journal

PURCHASE option- purchase both the text and the jr notebooking journal

Exploring Creation With Astronomy 2nd Edition is a scientifically sound and God-honoring study of astronomy for grades K-6. Content covered includes the major structures of our solar system, details about each planet, the Earth's moon, the asteroid belt, stars and galaxies outside our solar system, space travel, astronauts, and more!

The 2nd edition contains 14 lessons updated with current scientific data, all new full-color illustrations, and a new color coordinated schedule for the textbook, notebook journals and lab kit.

Designed for grades K - 2nd/3rd, Exploring Creation With Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal is a perfect complement to the assignments in Exploring Creation with Astronomy 2nd Edition. Please note that the 1st Edition Junior Notebooking Journals do not coordinate with the updated Text. Age appropriate activities for your child include coloring pages, easy and fun science experiments, full-color mini-books, easier vocabulary exercises, and supplementary materials. A suggested lesson schedule is outlined for you, making this ready to use and enjoy. Perfect for younger elementary students or those students with limited writing skills.

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