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Sonlight Core F with Language Arts

Sonlight Core F with Language Arts

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Sonlight Core F (2011): Includes Instructor's Guide, Readers, Read-Alouds, History and Bible

This adventure through history starts in China and moves through the rest of Asia, over to the Middle East, down to Africa, through the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and ends in Antarctica. You will learn about people and cultures of places you may have never studied before.

Remembering God's Awesome Acts
All Nations Shall Worship CD

22 Books
World Book (CDrom)
China Kit- calligraphy set and 4 other items included (Missing manual and domino cards)
22 books
Read Alouds
15 books
Readers for Language Arts
Keys to Good Language Teacher's Guide
25 books
Additional consumable items to purchase at Sonlight

The Timeline BookA blank timeline from 5,000 B.C. to the Present! Pre-printed timeline in a spiral-bound book—for use throughout your homeschooling adventureRequired Resource for Sonlight Core programs 

Language Arts Student Activity Sheets

Keys to Good Language workbook

Remembering God's Awesome Acts student text

World/USA Markable Map and Markers (MAP)

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