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Sonlight Core G: World History Language Arts

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Sonlight Core G, World History 1: Includes Instructor's Guide, Readers, Read-Alouds, History, Language and Bible

Core G is the first year of a two-year comprehensive study through world history from ancient Egypt through the Reformation. You and your children will explore the mysterious tomb of the first emperor of China. Watch the Roman Empire fall during the reign of its last emperor, Set sail to the uncharted lands of America with Columbus. Discover how God's plan turned an evil act to good, saved lives and eventually created a nation that he would call his own. Listen to Martin Luther as he takes a stand against corruption in the church and bravely shares his convictions, fueling the reformation. and more

Recommended for 12- and 13-year-olds and advanced 11-year-olds. But works wonderfully with older ages or multi-age teaching.

Books are good to acceptable condition

Books included in this Core:

Core G Instructor's Guide for History and Language Arts

The Story of the World: Ancient Times (Some signs of wear)                                            The Story of the World: The Middle Ages  (Some signs of wear)
The International Children's  Bible Handbook                                                                                                                       
The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (Some signs of wear)
Hittite Warrior-
Theras and His Town-
The Ides of April
The Bedouin's Gazelle
Favorite Poems Old and New (Missing book jacket.Faint watermark on from cover
The Trojan War
The Eagle of the Ninth (1962 edition. Looks like an old book)
Beyond the Desert Gate
Flame Over Tara                                                                                                                 
The Bronze Bow
The Samurai's Tale
Adam of the Road (Signs of wear)
A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver (Signs of wear)
Shadow of a Bull
Leonardo da Vinci
Luther: Biography of a Reformer
A Single Shard
Master Cornhill
I, Juan de Pareja
The Westing Game
The Golden Goblet (very poor condition but adding it anyway. Dog got to it, literally. Edges of the first 15 pages and front cover torn. The rest is legible.)
Not included: 
The Great and Terrible Quest
Shakespeare Stealer
Mary, Bloody Mary
Catheryn Called Birdy
God King
Augustus Ceasar's World
D'Aulaires book of Greek Myths
The Phantom Tollbooth
Black Horses for the King
Mystery of the Roman Ransom
The Kingdom Strikes Back
Mara, Daughter of the Nile--
Archimedes and the Door of Science
The World of Columbus
The Ides of April by Mary Ray
The Second Mrs. Giaconda
Otto of the Silver Hand
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