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Exploring Creation with Marine Biology DVD

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology DVD

  • $ 179.00

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology DVD. Want to give your student a deeper understanding of the ocean’s depths but you don’t know a flounder from a flagellate? Enhance your student’s coursework with this outstanding instructional DVD featuring marine biologist Sherri Seligson. Featuring on-location footage and more than twenty hours of instruction, this multi-disc DVD also contains PowerPoint lectures and video presentations of every experiment from the textbook.

NOTE: To use these discs, you must have a DVD drive on your Windows or Mac computer and a program like QuickTime capable of playing .mp4 files.

•  Instructional video for each module

•  Animated diagrams of difficult concepts

•  Over twenty hours of marine biology instruction

•  Every experiment from the text demonstrated on video

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