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Health, Medicine, and the Human Body

Health, Medicine, and the Human Body

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Health, Medicine, and the Human Body Recommended for grade 5-8

This science set is the recommended science to be used with Sonlight Core F but can be a stand-alone science curriculum.

Books included in this set:

Teachers Guide- introduction, summary, book list, subject list broken down into 36 weeks (5 day and 4 day schedule)
Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD
Blood and Guts
Exploring the History of Medicine
Understanding Your Brain
The Usborne Introduction to Genes and DNA
The Boy's Body Book
The Body Book for Girls
The Usborne Complete Book of The Human Body

Survival Skills

Food & Nutrition

All books are in excellent condition

Not IncludedInstructor's Guide, (which is available through Sonlight) Includes the following resources for teaching all Science F subjects: full Schedule; Teaching Helps; student Activity Sheets; separate parent full Answers and Definitions; and much more.

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