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30 Days of HIIT to Fit For Fall

30 Days of HIIT to Fit For Fall

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30 Days of HIIT to Fit For Fall is perfect for you whether you want to get in shape before the holidays, keep in shape during the holidays, or get back in shape after the holidays. This program will challenge you and kick your butt into shape, but it is also fun!

If your teen likes HIIT workouts, this would also be a good way for your teen to get their physical education credit!

Included in this workout plan:
eBook with step by step instructions on doing each part of the workout.
30 video, one of each workout for you to follow along.

I love adding and functional exercises into my HITT'S switching things up and keeping your body guessing is key. No to workouts will ever be the same.

By working out three to four times a week, you are actually getting three-plus months of workouts! 

~Aimee McKee
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Dr. Sears Certified Family Health Coach


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