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Revealing School - Download

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Revealing School is the most controversial book on education ever written. It has the power to change the conversation about school forever. Personal accounts, forgotten histories, secret motives, and dark sciences make this a true page-turner. The deeper you read, the more that's revealed. 

Part 1:  A Place Without Love

With exciting personal accounts, Britton LaTulippe addresses the most devastating problems with American Schools. Take a journey through public, private, and elite prep schools while awakening to the REAL educational environment that you're sending your children into. 

Part 2:  The Evolution of Tyranny

The dark history of school is revealed, along with a glimpse of an even darker future coming. Learn why school is the evolution of tyranny. 

Part 3:  A Programmable Man

A secret science is being used against your children! Before sending them off to school you must know what has been done and is being done to students– it will forever change the way you see American schools.

Author: Britton LaTulippe
Length: 360 Pages 
Editions: Digital, Paperback

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