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High School To College Digital Pack

High School To College Digital Pack

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High School To College Digital Pack includes two digital downloads

A Four-Year Guide to Preparing Your Teen for College Quick Reference Guide is a step by step guide (8th grade through 12th grade) that will help your high school student and you, the parent to prepare for college. Filled with links, resources, and steps to take each year of high school it is a tremendous resource for any parent wanting to guide their child through the high school years and on to college. 6 pages

Concurrent Enrollment and Your High School Student- High school students have a great opportunity to start their college education while they are still in high school! There are many reasons why your high school student should take advantage of this. But there are also a few very important questions you need to ask yourself and your teen before enrolling in concurrent (dual credit) classes.  

You will learn what concurrent enrollment is, if your teen is ready for it, where to take these classes and suggested concurrent enrollment classes that transfer best to colleges. 7 pages

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