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High School and College Prep Pack

High School and College Prep Pack

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High School and College Prep Pack includes 3 downloads:

A Four-Year Guide to Preparing Your Teen for College Quick Reference Guide is a step by step guide that will help your high school student and you, the parent to prepare for college. Filled with links and resources, it is a tremendous resource for any parent wanting to guide their child through the high school years and on to college. 5-page download


My High School Checklist and Course Requirementswith year by year graduation requirements. All the important things for you and your high schooler need to remember and do in these last four years of school. 5-page download

This download includes:

Subject List Required for Graduation 

Checklist to Stay on Track

Suggested Credits for Each Grade


Concurrent Enrollment and Your High School Student- what it is, how it works and will it work for your child's desired college. 4-page download

I have condensed these to make it as simple as possible to help your child find and succeed at the best college for them!


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