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7 Ways Prime Student Helps with College... and Your Teens!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

With fast, free shipping on millions of items (hello, textbooks and NCAA gear!) plus movie, TV, and music streaming included with Prime membership, Prime Student makes the college experience easier and more enjoyable every day. Did someone say mini-fridge?

1. Prime Delivery benefits

Prime Delivery is included with a Prime Student membership. All the same delivery benefits of a regular Prime membership (FREE Same-Day Delivery, One-Day and Two-Day Shipping), and straight to campus. Easily order things like cleaning supplies, clothes, backpacks and millions of other Prime-eligible products.

2. Deals, deals and more deals — plus special offers on social media

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How Graduating Debt Free Helped Me Build the Life I Always Wanted.

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Guest post, Aubry Matney Unbound

Aubry and Christian in their Home on Wheels

At 17, everyone told me I needed to go to college. So, just like all of my friends, I visited a college campus.

It only took a single tour to realize college wasn’t for me.

I wanted to do so many things—get a full-time job, start my own company, travel, live on my own, and so much more. How could I do all of that while being locked into a four-year commitment....continue reading

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11th Grade Curriculum Plans

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

The pessimist would say, "The summer is already half gone." The optimist would say, "We still have half the summer to enjoy!" Which are you?

I usually wait until mid summer to finalize what I am doing for the coming school year. Because I have been homeschooling for 20 years and we have graduated 3 children from homeschool and only have one left, I usually have a pretty good idea of where I am going for the next school year, so I take my time. But, all children are different. My "baby" is no exception. I realized this week that I needed to start making some real decisions. So I talked with her about her options and we came up with a plan.

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Duel Credit Facts Parents Should Know

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Dual credit is a way for high school students to earn college credits while studying advanced level subjects, and it’s a great way to challenge your teen who is interested in getting a head start on college.

Teach Them Diligently Convention vendor Dual Credit at Home shares eight facts every parent should know before starting a dual enrollment program for their child.

1. Understand the terms “traditional student” and “non-traditional student.”..... read more

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Higher Education Without all the Debt

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Here at Yellow House Book Rental, we know that higher education is very important. There are so many options when continuing an education after high school.

We have partnered with Lumerit Education to help bring you another choice in higher education. Whether you're helping your college student save money, graduate quickly, or make school fit into their busy lifestyle, Lumerit can help.

For your high school student, any of their three plans can be used as a dual credit alternative

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