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Sonlight Core Giveaway!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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We are celebrating the additions off all Sonlight Cores! (all but A)  You can now rent just about every Sonlight Core here at Yellow House Book Rental.
This is a FLASH giveaway.... only lasts 4 days! Gain entries every day by sharing! Ends May 10th at 10 pm MST.
Winner will need to respond by May 12th! Make sure you check back here for winner announcement and your email May 10th. You could be the lucky winner! 
This is a 10-month Sonlight Core rental giveaway. The winner will be given $200 toward the  Sonlight Core rental of their choice. Click here to see all Sonlight Core choices 
I absolutely LOVE Sonlight. We used just about all of the cores during my 21 years of homeschooling. (I did throw in Mystery of History here and there, in different years. MOH is awesome). The biggest recommendation that I have for someone wanting to try Sonlight or maybe you tried it and were overwhelmed by all the books, take your time. You don't have to read every book in the core. Choose what works best for your family. Enjoy the time together reading the read alouds. I have always told my children

"Our goal is not to finish the book, 

but to learn while reading the book."

I didn't want my children to think that just by reading to the end of a book, they learned something. Have you ever read a page or two and then thought, "I don't even know what I read. My mind was somewhere else." I have! 

Learning is a journey, a process, not just a list of books read and papers written. Talk about what you read. Ask questions and listen to what your children think. These were some of my fondest memories of Sonlight reading.

I hope this giveaway will be a blessing to a family and for the rest of you who do not win, I hope you consider trying Sonlight. We rent Sonlight here at Yellow House Book Rental because I think it is an excellent curriculum and want to make it affordable for more families by renting it at a drastically reduced price.

20% off Sonlight Sale May 10-17


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Enjoying the journey,


Michelle Osborn the founder and owner of Yellow House Book Rental, a service to homeschool families. She is a 21-year homeschool veteran of four, two married, one in college, and one teenager at home. 


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  • I love the selection of books they suggest.

    Judith Maritnez on
  • I’ve never tried sonlight because it’s way out of our budget, but boy would I love to. I love the book selection! We are big readers in this house.

    Sibyl Lilly on
  • I love the large selection of books it uses.

    Judith Martinez on
  • Just starting out. Would love to try this. I have heard a lot about Sonlight.

    Jackie Reeves on
  • I love how they put everything together in one package. I love your company. Thank you so much for your giveaways and this giveaway. I didn’t know you had this to rent.

    tammy cordery on

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