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Should Your Family Celebrate Halloween?

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Guest post from Axis the Culture Translator Vol. 4, Issue 42 | October 19, 2018

Should Your Family Celebrate Halloween?

 Over on Netflix, shows like Veronica, Creeped Out, and The Haunting of Hill House have teens and adults losing sleep from sheer viewing terror.

Which should beg the questions: What’s with our culture’s obsession with death and darkness? Why are so many neighborhoods just as festively decorated for Halloween as they are for Christmas (Americans spent $9.1 billion on Halloween last year)? Why do we wait in line at haunted houses and pay for someone to scare us? It is a bit weird.

Making sense of your family’s response to and involvement in celebrating Halloween is complicated. As Christians, we are commanded to think on things that are good, beautiful, and true. How should we reconcile those precepts with our penchant for the macabre?  

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How about an alternative to celebrating Halloween? An All Hollows Eve party! Intoxicated on Life has some great suggestions for an alternative way to celebrate.

When dealing with anything in human culture, Christians have three primary choices: receivereject, or redeem. Read more about this topic here

October 31st: Reformation Day and Homeschooling

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