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Making History Come Alive

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Making History Come Alive.
Helping history come to life in your homeschool is fun! 
Learning along side my children was one of the many perks to homeschooling. In fact, now that my children are all grown, I really miss the continued learning about places, times, people, I even miss working on math so I can keep my math skills sharp! (I don't miss the tears and attitudes when the math books came out, though!😄)
History was my favorite subject to teach. We learned some pretty amazing things about people and places with my kids.
Whenever I could find a movie that went along with what we were learning, I would make time in our school schedule to watch it. People of all ages learn best when they can use as many ways of learning as possible
These are the ways we would learn history together
  • I would read  aloud to them about historical events and people through living books (We used Sonlight curriculum for most of our homeschooling years.) This was our after lunch routine, Time together on the couch, letting imaginations loose as we read together. My older children would also read books about the same time period or historical events on their own as well.
  • We would discuss what we read and learned.
  • We would watch a movie about the same topic when possible.
  • Sometimes I would have the older children write a paragraph or essay about it. (They branched off on their own when they reached their high school years)
  • If we were traveling, we used every opportunity to talk about the historical events and visit the locations, museums, etc. where the events took place so we could learn more.
If you are like me, I know that you enjoy watching history come to life for your child. 
I created History and Movies; A HUGE List! with the help of several homeschool moms. This digital download is a list of movies that cover historical events from 1750s-2020s. You will find a list of movie titles, year of the historical events, along with each movie's rating, where to watch the movie, and if it is based on facts, a documentary or, novel based, etc.

This resource is a great way to add visual learning to your history! I did all the work for you. 

Here are a few other resources that would be excellent additions to your history learning.
Homeschool History membership from Notgrass- Find history-related videos, websites, games, and more! Get your 60 day free trial here
History, Science, Music and Art: A Great Combo for Learning
Do you love music and art? Add this to your history learning and get all three!

This resource will help you match your history and science curriculum with art and music curriculum to make learning more fun and memorable! 

I have taken all the history and science curriculum that we have to offer at Yellow House Book Rental- Mystery of History, Notgrass, and Sonlight, Apologia, and Berean Builders and listed the dates in history that these courses cover.

Each curriculum suggestion is matched with Music in Our Homeschool courses and Chalk Pastel Video Courses (You Are an Artist) that cover the same period of time making it a great reference for you to match any history curriculum with art and music of the same time period.
History, people, places, events, all of these combined make us, our world what we are today. God has been there through it all.
History helps your children see the world, see how God has worked through humanities good bad and ugly and hopefully, helps them see how they can prevent events from happening again.
Which resources will you add to your homeschool to help history come to life!

Enjoying the journey,


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