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Make Learning to Program Easy and Fun

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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We've seen how computing gadgets - from laptops to tablets to smartphones - are changing the world we live in. They are all run by software programs, and the people who can write those programs have some of the best careers in the adult world.


If you have a child who might be interested in learning to program, or a child who is already on their way and looking for other ways to increase their skills, take a look at some of the best computer programming courses available! Find out how these programs can help your child discover their talent and lay a foundation for a future career in computing. These courses also make learning to program easy and fun!
1. Just getting started?

Has your child expressed an interest in learning to program? Or, maybe they want to learn about the programs in Microsoft® Office? Consider these affordable, easy-to-use programs that introduce the basic concepts but don't require your child to have any prior experience - and don't require YOU to go to school to figure out how to help them! 
2. The next step...
Has your child shown some interest in learning to program? If so, and they'd like to continue exploring the world of programming, you might want a program that can get them deeper into programming, but doesn't require them to master all the ins and outs. Here are some great options for you:
3. Would you like more hands-on activities?
If your child has shown an interest in learning to program and code but they are more of a hands-on learner, we've found some great programs for you! These courses allow your student to hold what they are working on, or have created, in their own hands:
4. My child loves to program
Has your child shown such an interest in programming that they're ready to get even more serious about it? Perhaps they want to design mobile apps, games, websites, or more! Take a look at these popular programming courses including:

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