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Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Bundle Giveaway

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Bundle Giveaway

Reading, Writing, Penmanship, and Math all included!

One homeschool family will be blessed  with the Complete Phonics Reading Book Set as well as Life of Fred Apples and Butterflies Math Books, 5 months rentals, from us here at Yellow House Book Rental. Give your child a great start with the Kindergarten Bundle!

Complete Phonics Reading Book Set From Blue Manor Education

Britton and Janine are the owners of Blue Manor Education and believe that an elite education begins in the home. They are on a mission to help parents raise sons and daughters whose legacies honor their families and glorify their God.  They create learning books for kids ages 1-12 and early learning curriculum – new books are added every month!  

By the time your children finish the Complete Phonics Reading Book Set  (Digital version) from Blue Manor Education, they will be confident readers. The Book Set covers all the letter sounds, combinations, words and punctuation that they will need to know for preschool and kindergarten. In fact, once complete your children will have a good head start on 1st grade. Writing and Penmanship is also included, along with six Early Readers!  14 book set.

Life of Fred Math

The Life of Fred math series is a complete set of math books written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt that cover everything from basic first-grade arithmetic all the way through university math and statistics. Life of Fred stresses that math can be found all around us. In each chapter of the book Fred finds a problems that math is needed to fix the situation. Math becomes a story, part of real life and not just numbers on a page. 

Apples, the first book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series is recommended for Kindergarten. The math concepts covered are geometry, time, numbers adding up to 7, counting by 5's and 100's, days of week and more. Butterflies, The second book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series covers time, specific and types of numbers, geometry and much more.  

Giveaway ended. Congratulations to our winner Audria L.!

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  • I have a soon-to-be Kindergartner; this sounds wonderful!

    Jill McCullough on
  • This would be great for my daughter who’s entering kindergarten this fall. I want to just focus on reading, writing, and math, so this package would provide everything and more!

    Becky B. on
  • This would be a major blessing to our household. I have two littles that I could use this amazing giveaway for. We homeschool and have been wanting to try life of Fred! This bundle seems perfect!

    Audria Perez on
  • I would love to use this bundle for my Kindergartener!
    He starts this year and he would love it.

    Tera on
  • I would love to use this bundle for my Kindergartener!
    He starts this year and he would love it.

    Tera on

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