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Homeschooling Teens Successfully

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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We all want to homeschool our teens successfullyRaising teenagers is hard work. But it is also one of the most rewarding. They will act like adults one minute and the next they are acting like the toddler we remember! What a difficult time it is for them and for us as parents!

Add on to that the enormous responsibility we feel as homeschooling parents to get them through high school and ready for life beyond. So many questions!

What courses do they need to take to graduate?
Are homeschool diplomas considered legitimate?
How do I make a transcript?
How do I grade their work?
What about extracurricular activities?

Oh, their ATTITUDE!

I remember many days when I felt like I wasn't enough. I couldn't take another day of complain, explaining, and readjusting lesson plans for the umpteenth time! But to tell you the truth, looking back, it turned out that the educational part of homeschooling my teens was the easiest part.
It was the character training, figuring which battles we would take on, how to discipline certain behaviors, and which I needed to let them learn through life consequences. Those were tough and sometimes painful decisions. Don't we all learn best through the hard times?

I can't promise that it will be easy, in fact, I can tell you it will be difficult. There will be some days when you wonder why you are homeschooling your teen. I grew in my relationship with the Lord more in the teen years than any other time! My prayer life increased greatly. My teens and I were the iron that sharpened the other.

This is how I see it. We only have 18 years to shape, mold, and watch our child grow and mature mentally, physically, and emotionally. I needed all the hours in the day, all 24/7 do the work that the Lord had given me to do. 

We moved to the country when my first child was 13 and I didn't have anyone to help me figure out everything involved in homeschooling teens. I did a lot of research and learned through mistakes, and actually made some good decisions along the way. I felt more confident with each child.

Three out of four of my children decided to go to college after high school. They all were accepted to all the colleges and universities they applied to. (colleges and universities do love homeschoolers) They all received scholarships for each one as well. Two completed college in three years, the other decided college was not for her, and she went another direction in education. Our youngest is about to graduate from esthetician school. They are all very well adjusted adults and living life successfully! You can read more about our family here.

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I want to help you so you don't have to learn the hard way. I have consulted with many parents who are preparing their teens for high school and through these consultations and my own experience, I have put together some digital products 

This is some great advice  I read online and couldn't agree with more. "My biggest advice is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Your kids may exceed you in some subjects in high school. Don't be afraid to seek help. On-line classes, co-ops, or Dad teaching a subject he knows better than you can all be a blessing." 
You have a plethora of options in this day and age. Take advantage of them! You can do it. 

Enjoying the journey,


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