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Five Tips for Test Prep During COVID

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Helping prepare you teen for college can seem frightening enough, but add on top of that testing for college admissions and scholarship awards. That is a big job and as parents, we feel the pressure.

Now add COVID, world changes and the uncertainly of the future. Normal is not a word we know anymore. This makes navigation test prep frustrating.

SAT and ACT testing has been affected, with facilities canceling tests.  Many times with little to no warning.  This can leave your students feeling helpless with nowhere to turn. That's why learning from test prep expert, Jean Burke, founder of College Prep Genius is so important. The following are her Five Tips for Test Prep During COVID. You do have options and I want to share her tips with you.

Tip #1: Finding a Location and/or Becoming Your Own Testing Location
If your testing location cancelled the test and you don't know where to find another location, you do have options.'re not required to take these tests in your district.

  • First check the College Board's school search:
  • If you don't have a facility near you, you can become your own testing site! This is amazing news, especially if you're concerned your student will not be able to take the test due to the facility canceling.  This puts more control back into your hands.  Gather your co-op, support group, church, community center, etc and apply.  Visit
  • If your test is canceled, you can transfer your registration to another time or request a refund.  This transfer must be completed through your online College Board Account
Tip #2 Alternative Testing
  • If your testing location canceled the SAT, consider an alternative test. Like the ACT or CLT. Or vice versa. SAT or ACT tests are about 99% the same.
  • The College Board just released a new date for the PSAT, January 26, 2021.
  • The CLT is a newer test on the scene. Colleges are accepting this test.
  • Think about applying to a test-optional school that will allow admittance without an SAT or ACT.

Tip #3: Consider Deferred Exam Score Submission:
Some schools are allowing new students to enroll based on the agreement that they will submit an SAT or ACT score later when they are able to do so.  By deferring your score, you are able to spend that time practicing and raise your score.  Many schools are temporarily suspending score submission, but if you're looking for scholarship money, a high score can make the difference.

  • First, check with the college/university you're interested in to see if they are accepting deferred exam score submissions.
  • If so, use this extra time to practice.  Do not wait until the last minute or when you're already a university student taking college courses to study for entrance exams. Your college course load will not allow for time to study for the test.
There is not a lot of information on what will happen if the deferred score is not high enough after you're enrolled.  For that reason, you should be careful if choosing this option.

Tip #4: If you're a senior, you can use Early Registration Access
If your senior has not taken the test yet, they qualify for Early Registration Access.  Because so many facilities are limiting test capacity, this is extremely important for seniors.  The reason why a student has not taken the test does not matter.  Use this opportunity if it applies to you!

Tip #5: Continue Prepping for the Test

If you have a college-bound student, DO NOT STOP TEST PREP.  It's not time to take a break just because testing has been cancelled in some locations.  If you need scholarship money, you will need a test score.  Eight-five percent of colleges and universities admit and give scholarship money based on test score alone.

Prepping for the test now will give your students an edge.  Why?  Because many students aren't even thinking about test prep.  But your student can use this time to get ahead.  

For those of you who already have College Prep Genius, make sure you are using it during this time.  For those of you who don't, visit their site to learn more about our eCourses and virtual boot camps.
Remember, eight-five percent of colleges and universities admit and give scholarship money based on test score alone.
Helping your teen get the best score possible is so very important and will save you and them hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars!

Enjoying the journey,


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