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Encourage Your Young Writer

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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April 10 is is a lesser-known holiday that meshes perfectly with the entire mission statement of WriteShop—inspiring successful writers®.

April 10th is Encourage a Young Writer Day!

As a homeschool parent, you are continually encouraging your children to be strong writers, but this mini-holiday is a great day to stop and think of precisely how you can better support your child's writing. 

One of the most constructive ways to encourage a young writer is through modeling

Why Model and Teach Writing?

Simply, it’s unfair to expect our children to do something that hasn’t first been demonstrated.

Modeling writing in front of your children matters, but be encouraged that you don’t have to be perfect or have all the right answers. As homeschool parents, like it or not, our job is to teach and model the process until our children get it. They need to see and hear us thinking through our ideas. It’s good for them watch us struggle to come up with a topic sentence or find the words to form the lines of a poem. Why? Because they struggle too!

Kim from WriteShop explains how teaching writing needs to be more like teaching geometry.

But let’s step out of writing mode for a moment.

Students learn geometry because you show them over and over how to do it, right? They rarely get it the first time. Or the second time. Or even third.

Imagine saying, “OK, Ryan, find the hypotenuse of this triangle. I’m not going to teach you different strategies to solve the problem. Just get started . . . and good luck!”

We’d never dream of throwing our kids to the math lion, yet when it comes to writing, we want to assign a topic and say “Go!”

For whatever reason, we just expect them to write intuitively. It’s pretty silly. There are many strategies and skills involved with writing a good paragraph or story.

Kim from WriteShop has several ideas for helping us model and teach children of all ages 

Encouraging Young Writers in K-2nd Grades with Guided Writing Practice and consistency and routine

Encouraging Young Writers in 3rd-5th Grades. This is when moms go from nurturing the writing process to feeling guilty that they are getting in the way of your child’s progress or creativity. 

Encouraging Young Writers in Middle and High School. At this stage you’re not modeling a polished final draft, you’re modeling the thinking process. 

Encourage your young writer on April 10th and every day!

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