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4 Reasons Your High Schooler Should Try an Online Class

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Guest post by Lisa Trombley and Bright Ideas Press

4 Reasons Your High Schooler Should Try an Online Class • Bright Ideas Press

Advances in technology have changed the way we educate our children. And I’m so thankful! Online classes provide wonderful benefits for both homeschool parent and student. There are many reasons why homeschoolers are choosing online classes, especially for their high school students.

Online Classes Relieve Stress for the Homeschool Parent

As a homeschool parent, we have many responsibilities. We are often teaching multiple students at different grade levels on top of our household duties. Many of us work part time or volunteer many hours per week at church or in homeschool co-ops. Enrolling our high schoolers in online classes lightens our load by removing from our shoulders the brunt of teaching and grading. As an added benefit, online classes typically have built in record keeping which makes high school transcript creation a breeze.

Online Classes are an Opportunity to Learn From an Expert

As students get older, they tend to develop interests in areas where parents do not have a lot of knowledge. Finding an online class in those areas of interest allows your student to learn from an expert in that field. Those experts delight in teaching others about the subject they love. There’s no reason for your own lack of knowledge or experience to stymie your teen’s passion when there are so many ways to learn online. For example, in The Mystery of History Online Academy, students learn from Linda Lacour Hobar, the author of The Mystery of History series.


Online Classes Teach Life Skills

Taking online classes teaches our children responsibility. As homeschool parent, we guide our children in their day-to-day lessons. When they take online classes, we are removed from the equation, and they become more responsible for their education. They have to learn to complete their work and submit it in a timely manner or suffer the consequences of not doing so. They are responsible for listening and following the directions without the cushion of mom’s reminders.

Online Classes Prepare Students For College

Many colleges have started offering a majority of their courses online in an attempt to lower costs, to offer the classes to a larger number of students, and to allow students flexibility in their schedule. Therefore, it is likely that your students will take online courses in college. Having experience with online classes in high school will better prepare students for taking them in college.

Also, homeschool students are used to only having their parents grading their work. Before heading to college it would be greatly beneficial to receive feedback from other teachers. My daughter, who wanted to go into journalism took an online writing course in high school, and the feedback that she received from the instructor was a huge help in preparing for her college writing courses.


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